23 June 2011

Pura Kiki Stainless Steel Feeding Bottle

Pura patent pending Kiki line of baby bottles and toddler sippy cups combine innovation, unsurpassed safety, and practicality with a product that truly adapts to the needs of your child.

Toxin free: 100% BPA-free, 100% phthalate-free, 100% petroleum free,
100% PVC-free
Practical: Kiki infant bottles transform into sippy cups and vice versa!
Adaptable: Use the nipple and spout your child prefers. All Kiki bottles operate with Pura nipples and spouts as well as Philips Avent 12+ Sports pout, Thinkbaby Nipples, Born Free Bipples, Dr Brown Wide Neck Nipples.

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blue , pink, purple, silver , green
11oz - RM78

08 June 2011

PHILIPS Avent BPA FREE Feeding Bottle Range

PHILIPS Avent BPA FREE PP Feeding Bottle
9oz Twin - RM79.90 RM69.90
4oz Twin - RM55.90 RM55.00

PHILIPS Avent BPA FREE PP Feeding Bottle
Single 9oz - RM42.90 RM38.90
Single 4oz - RM38.90 RM35.90

PHILIPS Avent BPA FREE PP Feeding Bottle

                         Triple 9oz - RM99.90 RM76.00
PHILIPS Avent Special Edition BPA FREE PP Feeding Bottle
This bottle is made from PP (Polypropylene) - a BPA-Free material
The bottle is supplied with soft flow teats.
Comes in Single Bottles 9oz/260 ml BPA-Free PP Material
Pink / Blue
Important: The bottle is opened up from original packaging but brand new

Twin : RM139 now RM69

Philips AVENT PES BPA FREE Feeding Bottles
4oz Single - RM40
         Twin - RM69
9oz Single - RM45
          Twin - RM75

Deluxe Drying Bottle Rack

RM39.90 now RM35.00

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